Updated April 3rd, 2011

Wooden Nickel Funding is glad to offer loans secured against bank-issued instruments such as Stand-by Letters of Credit (SBLC). We are simply a private group of investors looking to fund projects with the backing of solid financial instruments. We provide Pre-advice in all cases and in many other cases we will provide the funds for your bank-issued financial instrument BEFORE your bank actually issues the instrument to ensure 100% comfort level for you and your bank. If you'd like to apply for our SBLC Financing, simply click here now.

We customize our loan programs for a variety of different borrowers and traders. During the entire period of deferment our borrowers are not required to make any interest payments whatsoever. The result of this structure is that the Borrower receives a net amount of capital to implement its project at a cost lower than other means of obtaining capital. We will typically loan 100% of the face value of the SBLC instrument. We will subtract our fees (and broker fees) directly from the loan proceeds so you do not have to put up any cash. We offer two different SBLC loan programs. The standard program we offer is for SBLC loans with a term of 3-5 years in length. The other program we offer is for a shorter length of term.

The general parameters of our standard SBLC loans are as follows:

  • Loan Amounts between $1million and $100million
  • Loan-to-Value of up to 100% of the Face Value
  • Interest Rates between 7% and 9%
  • Origination Fee between 1 - 3 points
  • The length of loan terms are 12 - 60 months
  • Quick turnaround times and all fees taken from loan proceeds
Information we will require for an SBLC Loan Request:
  • Executive Summary and/or Business Plan
  • Explanation of the use of funds
  • Profit Projections and/or Performa
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Corporate Bank Statements (if any)
  • Resumes and/or Bios of Principals
  • Resumes and Credit Reports of Personal Guarantors
  • Operating Agreements with Collateral Partners (if any)
  • Sample Text of SWIFT Messages from Issuing Bank
  • Name and Phone Number of Legal Counsel
  • Name and Phone Number of your direct bank contact

The specific terms and paramters of any loan secured against any instrument other than an SBLC may vary depending on market conditions and the specifics of your project. We seek to offer Quick Turnaround times. From the application to funding there is usually a two week process. We are VERY FLEXIBLE!

If you are interested in seeking an SBLC loan from us simply click here or call our offices at 1-877-752-5601. Be ready to bring your bankers, collateral provider, and attorney on board. We are ready to bring ours!

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